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    Webhelp with multiple projects???

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      RH7, using .chm files as our current help format.


      I'm interested in creating a webhelp version of our Help, either as a network alternative to our help system (i.e. for viewing help over a network without the hassle that chms cause), or possibly even as a complete replacement for our chm-based help.


      However, I'm a bit confused over how multiple-project help systems work as webhelp. What I mean is, currently we have roughly 20 or so individual help projects, we produce the 20ish .chm files with one as the master help file (e.g. HelpMain.chm, App1Help.chm, App2Help.chm, etc.).


      When I've tested making a webhelp out of several of our current projects, I noticed that instead of having a single file, it simply produced all the individual html pages and additional files. What I couldn't figure out was how to connect multiple projects together. Would we be distributing 20 folders (instead of 20 .chm files)? Are we supposed to merge everything back into a single massive help project?