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    Adobe Reader V 9.3.4, V 9.4.0 or V 10?

    Sandy Martin

      How soon can we expect a full version of Adobe Reader (in .msi form) available for download.that is the most current version?  From this forum, it already looks like Reader 9.3.3 is having multiple problems. There is a running joke at work that patching Adobe Reader is more time consuming than patching Microsoft operating systems. We have over 10.000 machines that have to be patched and I know of no other software that is as buggy as Adobe Reader, although there are several other Adobe products that seem to require a lot of patching.. I know this seems very negative, but it is very frustrating to always be behind in updates because there are so many of them and Adobe does not create a rational path to patching for enterprise environments. Give us a break out here. Good customer service is always appreciated.

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

          Hi Sandy,


          The latest Full Adobe Reader available for download is Reader 9.3.3 available as an EXE whilst Full Reader available as an MSI is 9.3.0.


          The 9.3.0 MSI can be combined with the subsequent patches/updates, in form of an AIP and then pushed across your network via GPO. The patches releases till date are 9.3.2, 9.3.3 and 9.3.4.

          AIP creation can be accomplished using the instructions provided at: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/gpo_ad_9.pdf


          I have been using Adobe Reader 9.3.4 in my network setup (albeit a smaller one than yours ), and its working without any issues. And it certainly doesnt take as much time as a Windows Update as well..


          Hope it works for you as well.!!