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    Header Line


      I have created a custom template and CSS and I'm having trouble getting the header to meet design specs. My header has a company logo and a line underneath. The line should run all the way accros the top of the topic view window but, even if I make it insaley wide, it still only shows a line 3/4 of the way across the topic pane. I used a line graphic and extended out.

      I was thinking there might be a way to insert a non-image HTML type horizontal line underneath my logo but this might require some sort of magic back-end editing.

      Thanks in advance - Nick
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          Roger N Level 2
          Nick -

          It's hard to say without seing it, but it sounds like your image size is defined as a smaller size or is in a fixed-size table. We could tell you for sure if you could post it where we could see it.

          If you are using RoboHelp for Word, three hyphens and [Enter] creates a horizontal line that translates to an html horizontal line - the <hr> tag (as long as something else follows it). Otherwise, in RoboHtml, you can go to the menu option Insert a Horizontal line, which is the same <hr> tag.