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    After Effets, audio clip won't play in multiple comps


      Hello,  I am currently working within AE CS3 and am experiencing a problem.


      I edited an audio clip within AE and pre-composed those 4 Layers.

      When I copy and paste a section of this audio pre-comp into a nother comp (in order to sync animations to audio only using the section of audio that is relevent to the section I'm animating) it shows up in the layers panel but is "greyed out" in the timeline and will not play.


      However if I copy and paste the audio pre-comp in its entirety, it plays with out a problem.

      This means that I'm having to reedit the audio pre-comp to time up with the "Main" comp

      everytime I bring it into a new comp.


      I know there's a solution but I've been strugeling fruitlessly to discover it.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't quite follow. Unless you "chopped it up" by splitting the layers or pre-comp, there is no way to just paste sections - you always copy&paste the entire layer(s). when you do, it is no different than with any other layer - copy&paste retains the temporal alignment of the selections relative to the current time indicator (CTI). So if your time is different between comps, the pasted content will be inserted at different times, which could mean that content ends up outside the comp duration and you only see "empty" tracks. So by all means make sure to correctly sync the times of the comps.