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    Saving english to a text file results in Chinese


      So I have a program that queries my database and manipulates the data and saves it all to a string.


      This works and I have tested the functionality by making it show up on screen (as an Alert and into a text box) before it finally saves the data to my desktop as a text document.


      But when I open up the text document to verify the saved data matches what showed up with my Alert or in the text box, I only get Chinese looking characters.


      This is the function I am using to save the text to my hdd:


      private function saveFile(contents:String):void
           fr = new FileReference();
           fr.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, fileSave);
           fr.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, fileSaveError);
           fr.save(contents, "ExampleText.txt");


      Any help would be appreciated