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    importing PDF into IFrame crashes RH8?

    kmaddox1 Level 1

      I'm using RH8 and producing WebHelp. I'm trying to use the new IFrame feature to display a PDF in my webhelp output, but get an Adobe Acrobat error, followed by a RH crash.


      Here's what happening:


      1. From RH8 topic, insert IFrame and browse to a one-page PDF.
      2. Click View Selected Item to preview topic. The PDF appears as expected (and it's way cool).
      3. Generate the WebHelp.
      4. View the topic in the Webhelp using IE8. The PDF does not appear--just an empty rectangle.
      5. Go back to RH8 and try to preview the same topic. This time the system hangs with the Adobe Acrobat error:   "Initialization of the font server module failed."
      6. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and shut down non-responsive Robohelp.
      7. Repeat several times with the same results, realize I'm crazy, and post this message here.


      Any ideas?