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    XML parser failure: element is malformed


      I am getting TypeError: Error #1090: XML parser failure: element is malformed.

      I am firing an RPC to a Java method which parses an XSD and generates the string equivalent of the resultant XML. Then in the result handler of the remote object, I am trying to create an XML from the string received through the RPC and it is giving the above runtime error.

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          Peter deHaan Level 4
          aksinha.iit ,

          What does the XML being returned from the Java call look like? Are you sure that event.result contains a valid XML string?

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            aksinha.iit Level 1
            Hi Peter,

            Thanks for a quick response.

            Yes, I am sure that the XML being returned is correct. Out of following, readXSDFile() is method which I am calling from my Flex component. And it delegates call to parseXSD() to actually read the XSD file and return the corresponding string equivalent of the XML.

            Just for making sure that event.result is returning the right XML string, I manually called parseXSD() from a Java test application and hard coded the resultant string. So now readXSDFile() was returning the same xml string but without delegating the call to parseXSD() and in this case the Flex component behaved perfectly giving the expected result.

            On some forums, I found the similar runtime error but for HTTPService and there as a remedy setting the resultFormat = "e4x" was suggested. Is there any way of doing things like that here also, I mean for RemoteObject?