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    How can I "spray on" a title in PE8?

    sholmlund Level 1


      I work for a coatings company. I want to start a video by having the name of my product appear on a background as if it were being sprayed with a paint gun. Does anyone know if I can at least approximate this in PE8?





      P.S. As fate would have it, I inherited a spare laptop that was identical to my main one. I did a clean install of Windows 7 (from the original of Windows Vista Business) and then installed PE8 on the computer, and nothing else.


      Whereas I could not get PE8 to work at all on my main laptop, this second computer is working better. I think the main differences might be that 1) it is not on a network and 2) there is no anti-virus software on it. I don't want to draw unjustified conclusions but based on what I've read on this forum and my own experience, this might be what's making the difference.