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    Live Trace/Paint - Out of Memory Error - CS2

    Dathaeus Level 1

      So I finally decided to suck it up and use Illustrator... seems like if u r good with the pen tool in PS, it serves u fine in AI...  but it seems I am missing a little, probably obvious, knowledge on how to use AI effectively.


      Using Live Trace, the default settings for say, photo hi res is still nowhere good enough for like a 25inch poster... so I messed with the custom settings, and making the minimum area to like 2px to give it a better quality render... so the Live Trace process works fine, but the when I do the Live Paint, it gives me not enough memory error and crashes.  Expand works fine though, but even though I dont know the different, I feel like Live Pain does a better job, I dont know....


      I have 3.25GB running with no other programs open, so this sucks.  When I hiked it up to 5px, then it worked.  I heard this was a problem in CS3 as well.  I am not upgrading to Windows 7 and like 8GB of memory just for this.


      So bottom line is, when you want to convert a large image to vector with high quality, what do u do?  Should I maybe just work small scale (make it like a 10inch image) and then blow it up after, trusting the vectors will maintain the quality?



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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LiveTrace must have given you the 1500-pixel-warning when you tried to trace the artwork. You should take it seriously. I have done some testing of the function and it didn't deliver better results with higher resolution images. Accuracy is not all, you should also try to get clean, smooth paths out of it. Those result in fewer anchor points, are easier to edit and look nicely.


          Vectors will of course keep the quality when you blow it up afterwards.

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            Dathaeus Level 1

            It didnt give a 1500px warning, all it did was say it may take a while and I may not be able to use my system while it is running.


            Basically I am trying to trace a cup of frozen yogurt with berries.  So the berries have a ton of texture so a little imperfect area here and there, no big deal... but when it comes to the yogurt, with its twists and turns, the gradients have to be a lot smoother and its not with the regular hi res photo option, and is much better when custom min area is set to 5 or less.  It seems at min area of 7px or more allows it to run smoothly though, which I may have to settle for.


            But again this is for a rather large poster, so would it help at all to downsize the image and then blow it up again after live trace?  The original image is perfect for use in the full sized poster right now.  Or will doing this ruin quality even after made into a vector?

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              Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Don't expect a photorealistic result when tracing a photo. Live trace won't be able to deliver that. It is limited to 256 colors. It can't make gradients. If you want to get a photorealistic drawing, then do it manually.