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    RoboHelp HTML Version 8 - Running WebHelp and FlashHelp Locally




      I was reading the user guide for RoboHelp HTML Version 8 ("Using RoboHelp HTML 8") and on page 22 (section Projects --> About Output Types) the document reads as follows:






      Due to Microsoft security changes, Microsoft HTML Help is now used where the Help has to be run on the users PC; it cannot be installed on a server without registry changes. WebHelp and FlashHelp are used where the Help is to be run from a server. WebHelp and FlashHelp can be run locally, but it is not recommended.


      Why is it not recommended to run WebHelp and FlashHelp locally? Is it because of the prompts that block the toolbar in Microsoft Internet Explorer (i.e. the yellow bar at the top of the Internet Explorer Window)?


      If this is the case, wouldn't enabling the Add Mark of the Web option in the WebHelp and FlashHelp Layout Properties help to "circumvent" this issue?


      Thanks for your help!