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    Adobe Gamma Loader?

    shooternz Level 6

      Does anyone recall 'Adobe Gamma Loader' and have any info on the part it played in PPRO... if any?


      Maybe it was part of PS.  It just seems to have been there in previous versions but in CS5 ... I dont see it.


      I am tweaking my external monitor to my Desktop Monitor but kind of got a bit lost in the confusing world of "Profiles" and then I remembered a set up I had in CS2/3/4 that (maybe) had  'Adobe Gamma Loader'  involved.


      I am very pleased with how external monitoring is working in my CS5 set up.  I think Adobe did some work in this area for CS5.  Works great what ever they did.


      Within the PS, AEFX, PPRO suite...what are others doing about Color Profiles?