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    resizing text


      Hello, all!


      I'm having issues with resizing text in CS5!  Sometimes i can grab the corners of the text bounding box and shift+drag and it will scale it.  More often than not, however, it simply resizes the bounding box and crops the text.


      I'v using the V selection tool, and the direct select A isn't really working either.


      Also, the Scale tool is confusing me as well, but i would rather just grab the corners and rescale it that way.


      what am I doing wrong?!


      Thanks in advance for your help



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          This is were you are confused.


          there are two types of font input available and each is fro the same but different purpose.

          That in itself is confusing.


          One is called point text you click the text tool in the document window and start typing in order to make a new line you have to hit the return or enter key, otherwise the text keeps going in a straight text path string.


          The other text is called area text it fills a defined area and will automatically make the return when it reaches the edge of that define area.


          When you resize this define area or text frame it resizes the frame but not the text and the text reflows if you happen to make the defined shape smaller then required by the text it will show and overflow and some of the text will not be visible until you resize the text frame or link it to another text frame.


          The frames do not have to be rectangle shape.


          The point text mentioned first if selected with the selection tool will be shown in the bounding box if that option is selected and whenyou resize that text the text will resize.


          that is he difference you are seeing.

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            GEESWELL Level 1

            Thank you very Much for your help, Wade.


            I have a bunch of words in their own "text box". 


            Are you saying that I must have clicked and dragged a "defined area" for my single word and that is why the actual type size will not resize?


            Do I understand you correctly, that if I want to be able to use the handles on the text box to resize the size of the type, I need to simply click one time with the type tool and NOT drag a box?


            Thank you again!



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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              No you haven't a clue.


              There are two types of type


              1 Point type that when selected with a selection tool will give you a bounding box.


              If you grab the handles on point type it will resize the bounding box and the type, if you hold the shift key down while doing this it will be proportional.


              Ok now there is also area type which you draw a text frame and then you start typing but you are constrained within the text frame for input.


              If you resize a text frame the frame will resize but not the text, however it will reflow.


              You will have to read the help files and or get a book or two about Illustrator.


              Two different types of text they are not intertwined you can copy and paste fro one to the other but cannot be threaded.


              They are separate kinds of text methods.


              You can make any closed path into an area text frame.


              You will have t read about this, I doubt what i am writing is going to enlighten you I am afraid it i late but if you need I willtry to make a video or someone else will have to explain it.



              Good luck