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    Adobe Flash Player 10.1 issues, errors with Quickbooks Pro 2010 installation


      I recently - uh today - had an agonizing experience installing Quickbooks Pro 2010 because I kept receiving error messages during the Quickbooks installation. It was a new cd that I had purchased a few months ago from Costco, and had been putting off using it, or even installing it.


      So today, I tried to install it, and failed repeatedly. I kept getting the same message, Adobe Flash player file is unavailable - with a drop down screen showing the location of the flash player file that the installation software was trying to find so it could continue the installation. I think I recall seeing an error message originally with Adobe Flash Player 10.1, but it's been a long day, so maybe the error was always referring to Flash Player 8.0.  I tried to browse for a new location that the Flash Player file might be located, looking through the Program Files\Adobe and coming up with nothing.


      I spent a long time looking through the discussion forums on both Quickbooks and Adobe trying to find the answer, also turning off and on my computer,  ha. And I installed the latest Flash version, Flash Player 10.1, then uninstalled it and then reinstalled it, and then uninstalled it and looked for the obsolete Flash Player 8.0 which I couldn’t find on Adobe’s website, but found links to in two other forums…So basically, I tried to solve this on my own, and it didn't work.


      So...I was whining to a friend who suggested I just call Quickbooks technical support. Duh, why didn't I think of that? I guess because the packaging on the new software says that fees may apply if you call customer service.  Well, it doesn't apply to the first call, and also it's crazy to charge someone who can't even install the program. So I called them, and was on hold forever.


      But the problem was solved.


      The tech support person, Manish, was able to install Quickbooks by completely bypassing the usual installation procedure.  He checked for compatibility, which was fine, I have Windows XP, etc. and then I believe went to control panel, add or remove programs, and clicked on add programs, and followed the icons with the Wizard to install the latest version of Quickbooks.  The interesting thing here is that QB has some special download to allow remote access during a trouble shooting call. It initially freaked me out, but it worked just fine, since I could see what was happening on my computer screen even though I wasn't the one operating the computer.


      I asked Manish why this installation method seemed to work. He said some of the Quickbooks cds have a bad Flash Player program file, and doing it this way seems to bypass it. He also said that Quickbooks should not compatibility issues with Flash 8.0 or Flash 10.1, but there were some problems noted with Flash Player 9.0.  I asked if I would have problems if I uninstalled Flash Player 8.0 and then reinstalled 10.1. He said there shouldn’t be problems, so that’s what I just finished doing.


      Hopefully this is helpful for someone else out there in cyberland.


      Also, it was kind of helpful, someone else posted on another forum that you could check what flash files you have by going to C:\Windows\System 32\Macromed\Flash, because I couldn’t even find where the Flash Player was installed.  They are not in the Program files under Adobe.






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          Hi, well that sounds like quite an ordeal. Your Flash files are located in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash  Open Flash with a right click and post back all files listed there. It may be a good idea to just confirm that they are correct.


          Then Using Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Manage addons and Toolbars & Extensions and look for a box Show all add ons.


          You should find Shockwave Flash Object..ActiveX Control..Flash10h.ocx and make sure it is enabled.



          The Flash files and that ActiveX Control is Flash Player.


          Now if you use another browser, you may want to post that version info as well. Also, what service pack do you have with XP?