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    textInput , listeners

      Trying to change an input textField's data (dollar increase) when I change the data of another textField (percent increase).

      I have three inputTextFields and one dynamic textField on my interface. One inputField on top, two side-by-side below that and one below that (like a baseball diamond 1-2-1). The top field is for inputting an emplyees salary. The two middle fileds allow you to increase the salary by a percent(%) or by a dollar($) value. The last field (on the bottom) simply displays the sum of the salary + increase.

      I want the user to be able to input the base salary and then allow them to increase it. If they start typing numbers into the percent field, I want the dallar field to display the dollar amount based on the percentage they input. And vise-versa, if they decide they want to increase using the dollar field, I want the percent field to calculate based on the dollar amount input.

      Please, any suggestions if you have em'