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    ›Cut‹ imported FLV for SWF's output length




      I'd preferred to post my question on a better place, but I did not see one (as stupid as I am) .


      My question is a simple one. I got a video (als FLV) and emebed it into an AIR project. Now let my video has have an opening and maybe a closing sequence which I do not plan to export into my SWF wich is result of my work. The video (here) ›is‹ the maximum of timeline.


      How can I control that only from begin frame/time-stamp to end frame/time-stamp my SWF is exported, everthing before or after is cut (or igenored)?


      I do not paln to cut the project itself, save it as a cut version, no need to. It is just good enough to me to mark begin and end of the sequnce written out to SWF. Do I finally need to deal with ActionScript?


      Markus Erich