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    Is there anything similiar to the onLoad Event?


      Hi folks,

      I am building a complex tool in catalyst for the purpose of usability testing.

      Is it possible to call an interaction when a page/state is loaded? Something similiar to the onLoad event.

      I'm finding catalyst very frustrating at the moment as I can only get it to react to mouse events.

      My problem - interacting with a custom component that is nested within a custom component.

      From the top level of my application, I can use mouse events to interact with other pages/states.

      Catalyst also allows me to interact with pages/states within my custom component.

      However, from the top level, catalyst does not allow me to interact with pages/states within a nested custom component.

      If there was an onload event for that I could call when a page/state was loaded within my custom component.

      I could use this to trigger an event and interact within my nested custom component.

      Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

      Thanking you,