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    Exported HD video have continuity error (jump) ?


      Yes.. it's a question.. because i don't understand.

      I create a project with CS4 and works ok until yesterday. I import project in CS5 and start to work on it.

      Yesterday i export using MPEG2 FULL HD 1080i preset and export complete without problem.

      Project contain

      - Quicktime FullHD from 3dsmax

      - quicktime fullhd from final cut (prores)

      - wav speaker

      - mp3 audio roayalty free

      if i play exported video with WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER on my win7 x64.. i have some error (about 6-7 on 10minutes).

      Same on other 4 PC in my network.

      If i play video with VLC video seems have no problem.. but i cannot distribute a video that need VLC for playing! :-(


      i upload a piece of video that show problem





      try to se difference with WMP and VLC (Cyberlink PowerDVD have problem too)


      what's the problem?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Windows Media Player sucks.  Don't ever use it.  Tell your clients not to use it.


          That's the best answer I have.

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            Bartololongo Level 1

            Not a professional answer.

            Ask to user NOT USE WMP..it's sound like a suicide.


            And however... if i import a *perfect .MOV* and have a video with freeze after export... I would say the culprit is Premiere

            (i remember you that this not happen if export from Premiere CS4.. using HD1080i presets again)

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              If anything it is likely your source material. Why a Windows user would willingly use a 32 bit codec, when everything else is 64 bit, a codec that is causing the most problems and the worst performance of all codecs supported in CS5 is something I do not understand.


              I would like to shout it out: Stay away from QuiRcktime.


              The fact that you had no problems with CS4, shows in my opinion that QuiRcktime is to blame. So either stay in a 32 bit world with CS4 and QT, or move to 64 bit CS5 and leave QT alone.


              I second Jim's remarks about WMP. Better use a player like VLC or MPC.

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                Bartololongo Level 1

                i probably found cause.

                The fact that this "jump" is not always at same point... show that is not a source problem.

                I re-exported project using HD1440i and now have only 2 jump... in other two different point from 1080i version.


                So.. i start investigation on Filter used by WMP. I discover that use DSCALER (downloaded for use with my PC SAT card Skystar HD2).

                So i try to change on Cyberling and Mainconcept.. but no success.

                So i download DFTool and start to unregister filter... and discovered that jump happen if have Mpeg2 splitter named


                MPEG-2 DEMULTIPLEXER C:\Windows\system32\mpg2splt.ax

                MPEG-2 Splitter C:\Windows\system32\mpg2splt.ax


                If i unregister this filter video work perfectly in Windows Media Player... so WMP can be resumed from the basket

                changing from Dscaler to Cyberlink affect only quality.. but however both works ok.


                I hope ADOBE analyze problem with this demuxer and fix with next ServicePack.