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    Lens Correction CR6.1 not as good as PS CS5


      I had a chance to test the new version 6.1 but the transformation feature of the manual lens correction did not convince me, compared to the PS filter:


      1. The picture will be stretched extremely at setting ranges left of -32 and right of +22 horizontal transformation (vertical is worse)


      2. The horizontal transformation tool applies at an offset of -32 from the picture center, meaning that the stretch effect is at minimum at value -32 while the stretching exceeds if the lever is dragged from -32 leftward or rightward. I measured a screen area from the center of the creen 100mm to the right:

      horizontal transformation value / size of object:

      -100 / 124mm extreme stretching

      -48 / 94mm over-proportional stretching starts here

      -32 / 92mm least stretching, should apply to transformation level "0"

      -15 / 95mm

      0 / 100mm

      22 / 108mm over-proportional stretching starts here

      60 / 145mm extreme stretching

      100 / 200+mm


      This seems not to be a lens profile issue ( I testet without automatic lens correction).

      Photographs were taken with a Canon Rebel XT (350D) in the CR2 RAW format.


      Adobe folks, please take this as a bug report, though perhaps I did not post it in the bug forum.


      The corresponding Photoshop filter works well, but destructive. Applied at the end of the workflow for this reason, the automatic lens profile de-vignetting comes to late! The Camera Raw approach at beginning of the workflow is much better, but needs to be debugged.