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    Color-Sampling: Keyboard Shortcut to Confirm Selection.

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      Hi. I just got CS5, and I'm still getting the hang of the new features, but I like a lot of what I see, especially the new brush tools and the content-aware healing brush. Nice update!


      My request is very simple:

      A keyboard shortcut which confirms the brush tool's alt-click color-sampling function.

      preferred keys: spacebar, shift, or crl.


      I use a cintiq, but I imagine that this would apply to anyone who uses a pen-tablet.

      The problem:

      It is sometimes difficult to make a precise color selection when using a pen-tablet because the pen-cursor tends to drift slightly during the action of raising it from the screen. Since color sampling is finalized from a "mouse up" command, it can be a bit of a chore to select a color from a very small region (a pixel or two). It's very common to have the cursor over the correct color (which is emphasiezed by the new color selection wheel), only to lose it in the action of trying to finalize the selection.

      The solution:

      Create a keyboard shortcut that can be used as an alternative to the mouse up command to finalize a color sampling selection.

      The process would therefore be:

      While using the brush tool->  NO CHANGE

      Hold alt to sample the color-> NO CHANGE

      Position the cursor over the desired color and press the mouse button -> NO CHANGE

      Release the mouse-button OR press spacebar to complete the color selection command.



      Thanks, and keep up the great work.