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    template not in assets panel

    cthorne44 Level 1
      I am using DW8 v8.0.2 & am going thru 'Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Complete Concepts & Techniques." It was working great until I got to project 5 about templates. I created a new template & it showed in the files panel. Then, I created a new page & went to the templates category of the assets panel to apply it & it was not there. I also noticed that many of the images file names in the images category of the assets panel had duplicate entries. They looked fine in the files panel & the Windows file explorer. [I am running Windows XP home edition SP1]
      I've tried the following:
      - refreshed the site
      - rebuilt the site cache
      - deleted the site cache & re-created it
      - detached the assets panel from the files group
      - re-starting DW8

      Nothing has helped.

      I did apply the template to the new page using the modify menu, but nothing has helped the assets panel display correct entries so that it is usable.

      Is there a solution to this?