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    CS3, ActionScript 2.0, Windows Projector Error


      I have created an interactive map that has photos zoom up from specific locations when selected.  Used Flash CS3 on a mac, ActionScript 2.0, published a windows projector for playback on a windows 7 system with a touch screen monitor.  The problem is that the program will drop photos sporadically and replace them with a red box.  This happens after about 20-30 minutes of testing.  The projector file is 63.2 MB in size with a total of 56 photos.  I've tested the projector on a windows 7 (home basic & professional) system, windows xp (sp3) and had the same problems, but half the time the a different photo errors out.


      Does anyone know if the error is an ActionScript 2.0 problem, CS3 problem, or a windows 7 compatability problem with a window projector file publish with a mac version of Flash CS3?