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    CS4: Best use of SSD drives?

    Christopher Duncan Level 2

      I'm considering adding an SSD or two to the mix and am wondering where I'll get the best performance bang for the buck in a NLE situation. The current box is Vista, but I may be moving to faster ponies on a 64 bit 7 box soon. Doubt there's a difference in recommendations between the two but thought I'd mention it just in case.


      First, a tangent. On my Premiere Pro CS4 discs I don't see any indication of 32 / 64 bit versions, but my understanding is that both are available from the DVDs. Can anyone confirm this?


      As to the SSDs, the general wisdom for overal performance is to use them as the boot / system drive to boost app load and boot time. For NLE, there are other drive considerations that come into play - the drive(s) where the source footage to be edited resides and the drive(s) that are used for temporary I/O in rendering, playback, etc. There may be other considerations as well, these are just the ones that immediately come to mind.


      I'm less concerned about how long the computer takes to boot (it stays up 24/7) or how long an application takes to load, and more focused on the performance of Premiere and After Effects during eding, playback and rendering.


      With that in mind, if I bought only one SSD, where would be the best place for it to serve? And if I threw caution and credit cards to the winds and bought two, where would the second one do me the most good?


      As always, thanks for any insights you might offer.