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    hardware acceleration in AIR 2.0?


      Is there any hardware acceleration support in Adobe Air 2.0? Where can I find resources on this , I mean specific for Air.



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          lisachao Adobe Employee

          The hardware video/graphics acceleration options in AIR 2 are unchanged vis-a-vis AIR 1.5.

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            Any chance of a bit more info on this?


            Can Air 2 use hardware acceleration at all?

            Can it be made too? (i.e. any hidden option tabs somewhere?)


            If not, are there any plans to introduce H/W accel into Air in some future version as per the recent Flash 10.1 upgrade?


            The only reason I ask is that after waiting for the BBC to get hardware acceleration working on its High Def and Standard Def videos via Flash 10.1 in a browser, it now appears that if you download them to play in their Air Application, it appears there is no H/W acceleration and so the programs (esp HD programs) cannot be downloaded and watched, they are just slow slideshows. Is this specific to Air or likely to be the way they have written their App?



            Just wondering if this is likely to be addressed in Air at some stage.