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    Microphone class might be bugged


      I have been trying to get the SampleDataEvent to trigger, however no matter what i try, after applying the listener to the microphone object, nothing happens.


      I tested to make sure that the microphone was working and that air was receiving it using the setLoopBack and i get my own voice back well enough.  the only issue is that the event will just not fire.


      // parent window container property - creationComplete="ready()"



      private var _mic:Microphone;



      private function ready():void {


      _mic = Microphone.getMicrophone(0);

      _mic.rate = 44;


      _mic.setSilenceLevel(50, 1000);





      private function recordAudio(e:MouseEvent):void {

      _mic.addEventListener(SampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA, gotMicData);




      private function gotMicData(e:SampleDataEvent):void {

      trace("Hello, World!");





      i've read cases where it works on firefox, and chrome, but not on IE, however im using windows 7 and running the app from the desktop with Air.