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    Invoking a data management service twice




      This is a strange problem, but I think it may have an easy solution that I can not find anywhere.


      Suppose you have a module with a component which invokes a data management service (it maybe a table that obtains paged data). First time the table shows, invocation goes to the server and paged display of the results works flawlessly. If I unload the module and later I load it again, invocation doesn't seem to work and the request never arrives to the server. No errors, screen just "freezes"...


      This problem is currently affecting some of my projects with no relation or code sharing at all. Do I have to do something with the service or the ArrayCollection of results when I load /unload the module? I'm using Flex 3. No matter if I implement externalizables or not.


      Maybe the answer is not so obvious. If that is the case, I will be glad to attach some kind of basic application to reproduce it.


      My ArrayCollection is defined as:


                  private var _lista:ListCollectionView = new ArrayCollection;


      The service is invoken via:

                      ServicioListadoEncargosAssembler.fill(_lista, item);


      And declared as:


          <mx:DataService id="ServicioListadoEncargosAssembler" destination="ServicioListadoEncargosAssembler" pageSize="50" autoCommit="false" result="handleResult(event)" >


      I use the line <classes:DTOEncargo/> to initialize the class of the items contained in the response list


      The handler is:


              public function handleResult(evt:ResultEvent):void{







      Thanks for reading