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    Slices: Link and Alt text keep vanishing. Link becomes 'a href="javascript:;" '


      Hi everyone,



      I thought I'd let Fireworks' slices build a complex HTML table for me, then tweak the results, but I've already hit a snag.


      I'm moving along a row of slices adding Link/Alt/Target attributes, but only one on this row has been "remembered". When I fill in the second, as soon as I click on the next slice, then check the second again, everything I've entered has vanished.


      I've already added details to about 10 previous slices and they're still there, but this one won't retain the information. I'm sure it's something simple, but I really can't work out what's different about this slice. In fact, I've just tried a few more slices, but they won't retain the data either.


      It's put <a href="javascript:;" target="_blank"> in the html, but the urls are being copied and pasted from a plain text document...


      Nothing's Locked that I can see. I've been very careful that no slices overlap as I've been snapping to smartguides and checking the measurements.


      Hope someone knows where I've gone wrong.