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    Target a different size than ScrollPane content when invalidating   or redrawing...

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      See http://www.seanberry.com/scrollPaneInTheAss.html for reference

      Have an interesting situation here. I am using a scrollpane to hold a
      loaded movieclip (scrollContent_mc for reference) which contains several
      mask/image combinations. The images within scrollContent_mc can be
      resized by using a scale tool. When the ScrollPane redraws, it uses the
      total width of scrollContent_mc which includes this resized image
      sitting behind a mask. The result is that the viewable size of
      scrollContent_mc does not change (because you are only seeing images
      through masks), but the total size does change since the images can
      extend beyond the viewable bounds of scrollContent_mc.

      Is there a way to handle this? Thanks for any help.