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    Appending data to dynamic text boxes

    shurleynova Level 1
      Ok so I got the dynamic text boxes to display the varibales on each loop but I would like it to append to the text rather than replace the text because I want to send it all at once to my asp page for processing.

      so each of my 6 text fileds are setup like so


      and they are in a looping function so each go around the loop the values change one is based on a movieClip's appearence on the stage, the others are when the variables change based on input from the XML file. The 6th box is located in a button instance because it is tracking response time with a seperate function altogether. But I digress, what I need to know is what am I missing here? I need to append the dynamic text one each go around the loop instead of replacing the current text with the new loop's info. Is there a easy way to do this?