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    MySQL database accessor

      The database accessor wizard connects successfully to the MySQL database and shows the table I created.
      However, in the "Generate server-side code" step of the wizard, I receive "The selected Project doesn't contain a valid server nature!". My Flex project uses Live Cycle Data Services as the server type. I have tested that Live Cycle DS is installed correctly and functioning.

      Is there any documentation on resolving the "The selected Project doesn't contain a valid server nature!" error?
      Thank you
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          Jamie R. Badman
          Try installing WTP onto your Eclipse implementation then install something like JBoss. Also, install LiveCycle again but choose the J2EE install.

          Now run the Data Accessor again for a new project. This time, you'll be able to select J2EE instead of LiveCycle... select JBOSS as your app server and then you can choose LiveCycle as your data communication method. You'll need to select 'flex.war' from your LCDS J2EE directory along the way.

          This should work.

          And then you'll most likely find yourself in this situation:

          http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=72&catid=651&threadid =1295102&enterthread=y

          I posted that under an old ID by mistake but it's me - and it's where I'm at right now... a little further along from you but still hitting brick walls nonetheless! Really hoping there's going to be a new beta out soon because this one is so broken in this area - particularly with accessing Oracle - the wizard won't even work on that at all which is why I'm messing with mySQL right now instead.

          Anyway, hope this helps.