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    Screen flicker if zoom into the picture. This is only playing CS5 Videos, not CS3.


      For CS5 and CS3 I had used the same settings.


      - Format: H.264
      - Standard: HDTV 1080p 25 or 29.97


      - Video-Codec: Main Concept H.264 Video


      Basic video parameters
      - TV norm: NTSC or PAL
      - Frame width:  1920 pixels
      - Frame height:  1080 pixels
      - Scan type:  progressive
      - Display aspect ratio: 16/9
      - Profile: high
      - Level: 4.1 (need for playing on Tvix M-7000 media box, same result with level 4.2, playing on PC)


      Bit rate parameters
      - Bit rate coding: VBR, 2-Pass
      - target bit rate: 12 or higher
      - maximum bit rate: 18 or higher



      I tested with different settings, all with the same results. The only exception 720p, but this is not what I wish.


      What can I do to have the same quality with CS5 like I had with CS3?