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    Comp window doesn't update when scrubing the time-indicator


      HI All,


      Thanks in advance for your time.


      When I drag my cti across the timeline the video doesnt play, it only updates when I unclick my mouse.


      I havent changed any of the settings after installing AE and have tried multiple comps to see if it was just the footage, it wasn't.

      I made a simple comp with a white circle moving across a black background and it still wouldn't update when scrubbing the timeline.


      Just curious if there was a setting I over looked or this is just a bug.


      On a side note when I move a layer around, the actual image on the layer doesnt move with it, just the bounding box until I let go of the mouse.


      Computer Specs:

      i7 Core 930 2.80 GHz

      9 GB of RAM

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 285


      Thanks again,