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    Editing Color Swatches with script

    Roger Sawhill Level 1

      Hi Everyone


      I am a newby lost in the woods of Applescript. I have been hobbling together some scripts for Photoshop, but this will be my first attemt at scripting ID. My need is fairly simple (in concept at least). I have 5 Custom Colors in the Swatches palette of a master document (Color1, Color2, Color3, etc). We need a script (10 actually) that we can trigger when we want to apply a particular color scheme to the master. The script should edit the RGB values of each of the custom swatches to the values of the new color scheme.


      I was also thinking, that instead of having 10 scripts for the diferent color schemes, we could build 1 script that brings up a dialog with a list of the 10 schemes to choose from. This part is far beyond my ability to cobble together.


      Anyway, suggestions, snippets of code or any other help would be mightily appreciated.




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          Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

          Take a look at standard additions it has a very simple choose from list that you could use…


          set Colour_List to {"Scheme A", "Scheme B", "Scheme C", "Scheme D", "Scheme E"}
          set Chosen_Scheme to choose from list Colour_List ¬
               with title "Scheme Options…" with prompt ¬
               "Pick a Colour Scheme" default items {"Scheme A"} ¬
               without multiple selections allowed and empty selection allowed


          Should get you started