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    flv web and mobile devices


      Currently when we are putting a movie into a web site design we are using flv files. Recently I was told that flv files are not recognized on mobile devices such as phones and ipad's. If that is the case how should we be handling our movie files? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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          jimfid45 Level 1

          You said any advice so here goes. I have a Blackberry and Flash videos of any kind do not play.


          Keep in mind it is the player you are targeting.  Take a Windows based PC that does not have

          the Flash player. In this case you merely download the player to enable you to watch Flash video.


          Mobile devices may not always have this flexibility. Or player plug-ins may not work at all.


          Are you targeting specific types of mobile phones or as many as possible?


          Before you encode to FLV try to encode to other formats as well like MPEG-4.


          Save the files as .avi   and  .mov  also.


          Try to detect the player type from the server and send that stream down.