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    kruse Level 1
      How to bind a select value to a input field.
      I have this select

      <CFSELECT NAME="FoodName" VALUE="Id" QUERY="AllFoods" DISPLAY="Name">

      Then I would like to show the id from the item selected.

      <CFINPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="FoodId" SIZE="4" BIND="{FoodName.Name}">

      But the output is FoodName,FoodName

      How do I bind to the select so that the input field shows the id of the selected item?
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          kruse Level 1

          No one that can answer this.

          Maby it's an error in cfselect. I have now man ged to return only one value. But it also returns a comm like (4,) this is verry annoing because my other inputfelt expects a integer and not a string.
          Why does it return a comma?
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            kruse Level 1
            Ok, I found out why I did have a comma seperatd list.

            I did have 2 cfselect's with the same name