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    gallery moves forward through images nicely, but not when going backwards


      I hope you can understand my question. As you click on each button in this animation (link below), a picture is shown like a gallery according to which button the user clicks on. When I click on a button to go to a picture, it follows through nicely when going forward, but if I want to go back the gallery doesn't reverse through the pictures, it just goes back to the beginning in frame 1 and then finds the picture.

      I basically want to get the same effect as: http://www.deftones.com/5_2/site.html

      Here is what I have done so far so you can see what i'm talking about: http://www.gamefantasy.co.uk/freeminds

      On the first frame of each picture change animation I have put the following code: gotoAndPlay("home");

      The last frame of each picture change animation has the following code: stop();

      The following code is written for each button to go to the specific picture:

      on (release)

      Thanks a lot for your help.