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    Passing data to flexigrid from "json", sorting issues.

    John Sieber Level 1

      I'm using flexigrid as a data grid in one of my current apps to keep the code compatible with Adobe ColdFusion and Railo. The grid is retrieving data by calling a cfc that returns the data in json format. The problem that I'm running into is that all data is returned as a string, so not all fields sort properly in the grid.


      I'm curious as to how people would attempt to correct this issue. Is it an issue with the code for flexigrid, where it should allow a column to be specified as a date/time, number, etc... or is there a way that I could be sending the data to the grid differently to correct this issue. The columns that I am having problems with are date\time stamps and a field that shows elevation gain in feet. They would be sorting properly if they were supposed to be strings, but since they are not the sorting is incorrect.