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    fillColor for HBox to achieve gradient background.

    Ivan Latysh

      Hello All!


      I have a small problem, hope somebody can explain me what I am doing wrong.


      I have been trying to use fillColor for <mx:HBox/> with Flex 4 (flex_sdk_4.1.0.16076)


      <mx:HBox width="100%" styleName="GradientBar">...</mx:HBox>

      with the following stylesheet

      .GradientBar { 
        cornerRadius: 5;
        paddingLeft: 7;
        paddingRight: 7;
        paddingTop: 7;
        paddingBottom: 7;
        fillColors: #FFFFFF, #FF0000;
        fillAlphas: 0.1, 1.0; 


      When I compile it, I have a white bar, instead of gradient bar. It seems like fillColor has been ignored by HBox, only `backgroundColor` works.


      Any help is apprechiated.