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    End of Stream has been reached error CS4


      After transcoding the main video file during the build, Encore then prepares "Planning audio for movie" at which case the error "end of stream has been reached" pop up window appears and the burn subsequently fails. There are no errors within the project and I have burned the project successfully onto a DVD with no error in the past. The only changes this time around is a re encoding of the video file (Uncompressed AVI 1920 x 1280 max depth bit), a change in the video thumbnails for the chapter selection pages, and a tweeking of the chapter points. Because the video file is so large, I delete the previous AVI file and export again using the same name to create the approriate links. I have read that the sound compression is the main cause for this error, however, I have not done anything sound related between versions of the DVD. How can I fix this error from occurring?  Thanks in advance.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          One possibility is that your Audio stream is longer than the Video stream. This can cause issues, even if it's only longer by an Audio Unit, or two.


          I always begin (issue with DD 5.1 SS lock-on) my Video with silence, and always end my Audio, about 1 - 2 sec., before the end of the Video stream.


          Can you tell us all about your Audio and Video streams, and how you got them into Encore?


          While that is a likely suspect, it might not be the only suspect. More info will be helpful in either ruling that out, or concentrating on how best to fix things.


          Good luck,



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            therightfocus-Q0VBJW Level 1

            The video and audio files were brought in together, editing in Premiere CS4 and encoding in Adobe Media Encoder. The audio is 48000 Hz. I have two videos in the timeline. I used minimal editing in syncing the two together. The second video file is the format as the first (Uncompressed AVI 1920x 1280, max depth bit 48000 Hz audio) The whole timeline (audio and video) end at 00;09;59;03. I have a separate video file in the project with different proportions, however I haven't done anything to the links or the video/audio files and have burned a few versions before this without any issues. All of the audio is 16 bit.


            In reviewing your reply I do recall some black before the video being skimmed off in the re-edit which resulted in my slight tweeking with the chapter points. Would you recommend adding more black in the beginning as my next plan of action?

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              therightfocus-Q0VBJW Level 1

              I moved the files over and the error message went away. Thank you for saving me a headache. Your troubleshooting powers are fantastic.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Especially with muxed (Audio & Video), there is a slightly different Block Size for each stream, so what appears to match 100% in PrPro can be every so slightly longer (Audio), when Transcoded. That is why I always leave a touch of "silence" in my Audio.


                For my edits, I almost always start with a Dip-to-Black, from an 02 sec. bit of Black Video, and then end with another 02 sec. of Black Video. My Audio always ends, just before the end of that Black Video. This also makes things seem to flow better, between Timelines, as the user sees things Dip-to-Black, and unless they have a stopwatch going, do not know if a moment has elapsed, when the laser moves, and the next Timeline comes up from black. There is never a jolting "black flash."


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                  Truth Pictures Level 1

                  I kept getting "end of stream reached" error, also, in CS6.


                  1.  Go to Project tab.

                  2.  Make sure your video file and audio file (if separate) both are "Untranscoded" in the DVD Transcode Status column

                  3.  If one is Transcoded, right click on it and do what needs to be done to get it back to Untranscoded.  I wish I could walk you through it, but once I did it, the process escapes me.


                  I was able to burn the DVD after I made sure the video and audio files were Untranscoded.