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    Very Frustrated with ADE


      My wife and I are new users of ebook readers - hers a Sony PRS 300 and mine an iPad. In anticipation of being able to use these to read our library books and purchased books we each downloaded ADE to our desktops (PCs) and were asked to authorize and register them which we dutifully did. Unfortunately we each authorized under our own names/email accounts and now find we are unable to share our books across our readers, as we legitimately should be, because ADE refuses to accept more than one user and we have been unable to de-register either account so we can share a single ID. The Adobe help line basically told me that until I buy a new PC I will forever be stuck with this problem - very unsatisfactory since there was no warning of this when we tried to be good citizens and registered! Is this the final answer or is there a solution besides buying a new PC? Any help would be appreciated.

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          Manny 56

          I am very frustrated too! If I purchase a paper book, I can photocopy it at will, share it with whomever I want, resell it, etc. Not so with ebooks.


          The purpose of all this DRM stuff is to avoid ebook theft. Well, I say it works very well, the ebooks are nice and safe on the vendor's servers, with no ugly little customers to contend with


          Adobe, call me when you are ready to recognize my rights as a customer and to allow me to do with my ebooks what I can do with my paper books.

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            Manny 56 Level 1

            Can you see ADE ebooks on your iPad? If yes, with what app?

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              C_Sam Level 1

              As yet there is no iPad app for ADE

              . It is my impression that Adobe is in the process of developing one possi

              bly for August release.

              I base my impression on research I did into

              the subject a couple of weeks ago but I'm not certain.

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                C_Sam Level 1

                While I can understand the necessity of rest

                ricting abuse of copyrights and the possibility for abuse in ebook formats I am angry that our rights as legitimate paying customers are being restricted in a very high-handed fashion by companies selling the books and companies like Adobe who have provided no warning and no solution for clamping restrictions on us!


                I have to wonder if there are legal ramifications of such abuse of our rights and of essentially locking a piece of software such as ADE onto our PCs without proper warnings and recourse.

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                  Manny 56 Level 1

                  From the total absence of Adobe apps for the iPhone & iPad, I agree with those that say there is bad blood between these two companies. I will not wait for them and I will not purchase ADE ebooks for now. There are plenty of other ebook vendors for the iPad, like Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and they all have iPad apps. I hear that Borders is also coming but I have not seen the app yet.


                  Manny in Canada

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                    Manny 56 Level 1

                    All I can say is that I asked a refund from ebooks.com and they answered saying they will refund me (when?). As for Adobe, I can uninstall their free software, that's all.

                    Manny in Canada