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    CS5 "Not enough scratch memory available" error when there's plenty of it.

    Asmodeus Dhoine Level 1

      Illustrator CS5 throws this error:


      Adobe Save For Web AI Error
      Could not complete this operation. There is not enough scratch memory available.


      when trying to save for web. The content has a lot of linked images, around 1000x1000 px each, used with clipping masks, drop shadows and glows at 300dpi.


      I realize that this might be hard to flatten for JPEG and I'd be fine with long processing times (which I get) but out of memory?.. Here's my config:


      Illustrator CS5

      Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

      Intel Core i7 920

      6GB RAM

      Total pagefile size: 24GB.

      Primary scratch disk - 155GB free.

      Secondary scratch disk - 544GB free.


      Those are all gigabytes, not megabytes, no mistake. There's NO WAY that there's not enough scratch memory available.


      And this is how the process looks:


      Physical memory usage at this point is 62%, Commit charge - 15%.


      Currently, I can work around this by making a screenshot of "Original" tab in Save for Web dialogue when it's there - because sometimes it's just a pink-filled window.


      So, Adobe, any suggestions, please?