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    setting bounds for WindowedApplication

    Cr99 Level 1

      for some reason this flex 4 code gives me an error but I can't figure out why.  In my WindowedApplication I have:


      var prefs:Object = fs.readObject();


      var rect:Rectangle = new Rectangle();

      rect = prefs.bounds as Rectangle;

      this.bounds = rect;  // error here


      Error message:

      ArgumentError: Error #2007: Parameter rect must be non-null.


      I originally also tried it without the rect object and just did:


      this.bounds = prefs.bounds as Rectangle;

      which gives me the following error:

      TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert Object@1dbbe1f1 to flash.geom.Rectangle.


      That seems like a bogus error since I can assign pref.bounds to rect without an error.  I don't know why this isn't working.  It works under flex 3 compatibility mode but that also breaks a lot of my spark components so I can't use it.