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    CS5 install on case-sensitive file system - can't choose different drive (Mac OS)


      I just upgraded my macbook pro to a new drive and 10.6, and chose 'case sensitive' HFSX, 'cause I'm a heavy command line user and wanted the maximum BASH experience.


      I'm trying to install the CS5 demo to try some web design tools, and the installer immediately says "Installation to case-sensitive drives is not supported. Please choose a different drive location to install." So case-sensitive drives aren't supported; crappy but fair enough.


      The error message leads me to think that I can just choose a non-case-sensitive drive to install to, but I never get a chance to pick one - I click on the installer and it goes straight to the error message.


      So - how do I pick a different drive to install to? Am I just an idoit, is there no way to select a different drive, or will it not install on a system that even BOOTS from a c.s. drive, regardless of the format of the drive that CS5 is installed to?


      I called the support number, and the poor fellow on the other end suggested I re-download the demo, and if the new download fails call Apple support to report my 'drive error'.


      I'm hoping to avoid an entire backup-reformat-restore and lose CLI compatibility just to try some demo software.



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