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    CS Extension, Script UI and events not firing in Photoshop CS5

    Anastasiy Safari Level 1



      I'm a bit confused with two technologies dealing with SWF panels. There was a technique in the previous versions of Photoshop when SWF content has been loaded into a ScriptUI Window. Is it changed? Or does it still work together with CS Extension extensions?


      I have a script that creates ScriptUI Window and then loads an SWF into it. It has a custom 'mousemove' event listener that helped to move this window around the screen. Now - in the new Photoshop CS5 (I tried 12.0.1 as well) - it seems like the 'mousemove' event is not fired for ScriptUI windows containing SWFs.


      I'm not sure, maybe it has something to do with the new SWF treament in CS5?

      If I'm wrong, then I'm sorry, if this question doesn't fall into this forum's area of expertise.


      Thank you!