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    Javascript works then stops working

    Guy Leonard

      Hello fellow Captivate users. I have been using Captivate for a number of years now and think it is a great tool for rapid simulation development as well as bespoke elearning products. I like the ability to custom build a product with my own look and feel. The problems I am getting relate to javascript calls on buttons. The two things I want to do are create my own exit button to shut the browser, and create a button to open a popup browser window. I have successfully created the code to do both of these. I can publish the Captivate project to my local machine and demonstrate the javascript functions working. However, when I copy the published files to another computer none of the above mentioned javascript funtions work. Some background info: I am using Captivate 4. Both the javascript codes reside on the buttons - there is no additional javascript in the published html files. I publish to a folder and place all the relevant files in the same folder, including the html file for the popup - so there are no pathway issues. This is proving very frustrating so I would appreciate some help.