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    Suitable Workstation???

    schredr Level 1

      Would this configuration be good at editing HD video from a Canon T2i?

      -Phenom ii x6 1090t

      -Asus Crosshair iv Formula

      -G.skill Ripjaw series 4GB (upgraded to 8GB in the future once I can afford to...)

      -WD Veliciraptor 150GB @ 10000 rpm for os and apps

      -2x WD 320 GB for everything else and in RAID 0 (I think, this RAID stuff is very confusing, once I finish writing this I plan on doing more research on RAID, however any advice is welcome:) )

      -GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB

      -750 W psu


      Will this be able to run programs from CS5 Production Premium smoothly?? It doesn't have to be blazing fast because right now video editing is really only a hobby since I'm still in High School, however I plan on pursuing a career in the film industry in my future. Also, I have a budget of approximately $1700, I am trying not spend more and that plus everything else (blu-ray, os, monitor, case, etc.) comes to $1833 plus shipping ($1785 without) but any suggestions are welcome. Also, one last question, will the GPU suffice?? On the system requirements page it has this (very small) list of compatible GPUs and it's not very clear at all, but I think I saw where someone said that even a $30 GPU will be OK.......