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    Insert / Overlay "delay"...

    shooternz Level 6

      CS5. Win7, I7-930 (std clocking, Hyper theaded), 12GB DDR3-1600, multiple non raid 7200 drives, 10k OS boot drive. Quadro FX3800 - CS5 latest update.


      3 little issues


      1: Has anyone experienced any type of slight non responsiveness when Insert /Overlay (icons or shortcuts) or when dragging from Source Monitor to timeline.


      ie a delay of maybe 1 second before it "leaves" source monitor and "appears" in Timeline. I am not experiencing any playback delay once its there.

      Mouse dragging is  not as "responsive" as it should be.


      (These actions in CS4 are instantaneous with same media)


      2: Sometimes I am aware that the timeline can "put itself to sleep" after being left alone for a while (and needs to be awakened. 2-3 seconds)


      3: some effect filters experience a delayed response before previewing (eg Luma Curves, Levels)


      Indexing on all drives is OFF.


      I am going to check (reinstall)  Video Drivers Quadro FX3800 (welcome any advice on latest  version from anyone please)

      I will check if MPE Hardware / Software option makes a difference

      I will investigate if Wacom Tablet Driver is part of issue.


      Ideas please ladies and gentlemen.