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    issue with Mark of the Web, PDFs, and merged WebHelp

    kmaddox1 Level 1

      I'm sure this has come up before, but I can't locate the definitive answer.


      I am using RH8 and have a merged WebHelp system containing a parent projects and 10 or so child projects.  Previously, when I generated the WebHelp projects, I selected the Mark of the Web check box for the parent and all the children. Everything seemed to work fine.


      Now, I've been asked to create a new child project with links to a large number of PDF files. After reviewing the documents on this forum, I realized I needed to (1) unselect Mark of the Web to see the PDFs in the generated output and (2) change my IE settings to Allow Active Content to Run from Files on PC. Unfortunately, while I can now see PDFs just fine, my merged help is no longer working correctly--the link from the parent topic to a project generated w/o Mark of the Web no longer works. That is:


      If Mark of Web selected:

           PDFs don't work

           merged help does


      If Mark of Web not selected:

           PDFs work

           merged help does not


      How can I make everything work?