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    AcroForm with Image button from LiveCycle

    jay fresno Level 2

      I read Ted Padova's article at:

      http://www.acrobatusers.com/blogs/tedpadova/enabling-adobe-reader-users-options-importing- images-forms

      and was thrilled to find out that it is possible for Reader users to import images. However, I’ve run into some problems.


      I have a form originally laid out in InDesign, with form fields added in Acrobat. Then I opened the form in LiveCycle and added the Image button, just as Ted instructed. This worked fine – Except:


      ·         LiveCycle diabled the JavaScript in the form -- I was able to fix this by opening the form again in Acrobat and re-doing the appAlert JavaScript.

      ·         A button that opens the Search pane no longer works -- I need help with this -- Grateful for any ideas!

      ·         A set of radio buttons no longer look the same, although they still work -- I can live with this if I have to.


      Is there a way to keep all the fields and JavaScript intact from the AcroForm, and still add the Image button in LiveCycle?


      I’m very familiar with Acrobat, but not with LiveCycle. I’m backed into a corner with my client who expects me to do all this.