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    CS5 Limits


      is there any - stated by adobe - or generaally known "PP CS5 Limits" - e.g. the point at which the software just cant handle any more and becomes unusable or constanly crashes.


      I ask becuase I am coming from Vegas whihc is a great piece of software but ever since multi format HD it tends to be a choke fest.


      I do know by my own use, in vegas, I can add up to a few hours of mixed format on several tracks but as soon as I go beyond a few hours straight in the timeline if chokes.


      I do long form multi cam shoots and like to lay out all the footage in a master timeline that I use as a reference (sometimes 24 or more hours consecutive)


      Is that possible in PP CS5?


      How about if I am mixing AVCHD, HDV and P2?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you first state the full details of your system, and then your Assets. Those are the first points that crashes occur.


          In troubleshooting problems, here is the order:


          1.) System

          2.) Assets

          3.) Project/Sequence

          4.) OE

          5.) Bug (or built-in limitations)


          What do you have to work with?


          Good luck,



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            deadboy Level 1

            MacPro 2,1 3.0 Ghz 8 Core w/ 13 GB RAM - and using at least 3 or more HD formats + large images and  large screencap quicktime movies


            but I dont know if the system is the questions here because I am about  to invest in  new system and it will be top of the line and top of Cuda spec



            with the system I have and with the maxed out system  I am getting -- I am 99.9% sure --- vegas would choke with long mixed format timelines...


            that why i was seeing if anyone has expereince in this regard...

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of those "large still images?"


              Are you mixing different Assets in the same Sequence?


              Good luck,



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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >long mixed format timelines


                I read all 3 of the forums (2 PPro and Elements) so don't know where I read this... but I have read a message in the past month or so from someone having problems trying to edit a timeline with "mixed" video


                The advice was to do conversion(s) to make everything on the timeline the same


                I don't know if CS5 has this kind of problem or not

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  CS5 seems to have fewer problems, than either previous versions of PrPro, or PrE, but much will depend on HOW "mixed" the Assets are.


                  Normal workflow would be to choose the prime source, create a Project/Sequence to match those files, and then convert the other Assets to match.


                  Good luck,