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    Printing/Displaying Object Dimensions

    R0b0path Level 1

      I have been attempting to find a feature of Illustrator that would display the dimensions of the geometric shapes and line segments on the document next too the objects.


      I was told this was a feature... not quite sure I believe it anymore. I would really appreciate your direction. I have searched the forum as well as google for the answer.


      Thank you,


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I was told this was a feature...


          No, it isn't. You have been misinformed. You can get some basic in on the Info palette and of course objects will show their transform properties with respective tools selected in the tool settings pane at the top of the screen. Path and Area info can also be partially gleaned from the debug palette.  Additionally, using guides and snaps will show some values. Neither of the methods does create printable labeling/ readouts, though. For that, you need plug-ins like CAD Tools or aa a minor some scripts such as the ones from James (JET).